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To all Olympic athletes, read now #TokyoOlympics

Nice to meet you, every greatest atheletes.

I'm Isshow Con,just a 55-year-old man.
I don't want to say something that looks great.
Still, I have to tell you.

I thought the Olympic athletes were great people.
You are the pride of the your mother country's people, 
who are the best player who have worked harder than anyone else, trained yourselves more than anyone else, and tried to grab glory.

I thought so.
However, I had oversstimated you.
I am now reflecting on such a shallow idea.

When watching the news on TV, a video of an Olympic medalist happy with a big smile jumps in.
However, it is the Olympic staff and athletes who have actually established the competition.

By July 29, 193 staff and players  had been infected in Tokyo.
You may know this because the Organization Committee publishes it online every day.
Alternatively, it may be forbidden to see the infection information on the coach or IOC.

But now that you know this serious fact, do you think that you don't have to think about anything other than your own competition, right?
Do you believe in the hoax that "the Olympics have nothing to do with the outbreak of infection"?

The staff who have supported it hard for Olympics and even the athletes who know the pain of long-term practice like you are infected, 

And as long as such people continue the Olympics, the infected person will continue to increase every day.

Moreover, police men were guarding the people who gathered in front of the national stadium and a cluster infection occurred among them.

The number of infected people in Tokyo increased rapidly to 3865 as of July 29, the highest number ever. 

This number is the minimum number of cases recognized by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

Those who are asymptomatic and do not go to the test, those who are afraid of positive diagnosis and do not go to the test, those who can not explain the medical condition due to children or disabilities, foreigners who can not understand Japanese language.

They are not included in number that tokyo says. 

Nobody can not know how many times the actual number of newly infected people is more than the announcement by Tokyo.
If the Olympics continue, the number of newly infected people will continue to increase.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has already requested medical institutions to increase the number of beds for infected people, but it is difficult to increase the number of medical staff even if the number of beds can be increased.

This is because some medical professionals have no choice but to be stationed as "medical volunteers" at the Olympic venue, while others must have to vaccinate people, and it is difficult to find someone who is free.

Therefore, Tokyo officer said by taking as an example the postponement of scheduled surgery or the suspension of some clinical departments.
"We are considering limiting normal medical care and diverting the bed for patients with the new coronavirus. I want you to secure it."

This means the following.

① Newly infected people have no choice but to extend the number of days waiting at home
→ Mutant virus can become more serious in a short period of time and the risk of death increases
② Surgery for serious illnesses such as cancer is postponed even for children
→ The risk of death increases because it becomes impossible to respond to sudden changes in medical conditions.
③ Tokyo residents will be restricted from hospitalization even if they have an accident or get sick
→ If treated early, the illness that can be cured may become serious and the sequelae will increase.

If we do not stop the Olympics as soon as possible, medical care will collapse.
And people with weak physical and mental health such as sick people, injured people, people with disabilities and children will die.

No player has ever made a compassionate comment on an infected staff member or player for the Olympics in an interview as the winner, despite the serious sacrifice of many people. ..

Have you been said with coaches, IOCs, the Organizing Committee, sponsor companies, etc.  "don't comment on the story of infection at all"?
Can you make a following comment if the competition is over?

"This victory came at the expense of the pain of the people involved in the Olympics staff, the athletes, and many who were infected because they helped for the competition.

From now on, I would like to give a letter of appreciation to the infected people as a sympathy.
I want to see directly to each infected person if I could."

An emergency declaration is issued not only in the metropolitan area but also in Osaka and so on.

 If you are a player with a match from now on, I would like you to hold a press conference and announce a following comment.

"Already 276 people  were infected between Olympics staff and atheletes.
 They worked for this event very hard and supported us bravely at the highest risk.

However,Japan has completely failed to prevent infection.

Many people have been forced to wait at home due to the collapse of medical care, and their uneasy days continue.

Now when they are given too serious pain, I no longer want medals.
No medal is more important than life.
No glory to get by increasing the number of victims.

I am a human.
I don't want to get anything in exchange for someone's pain.
We athletes are not slaves to Bach, Dentsu, or IOC.

I have the right to think and decide what glory is.
Stop to increase  the newly infected people any more.
That is the real glory that players from all over the world can share.
I will not participate in this Olympics anymore."

I still respect the Olympic athletes.
Some people say "athletes are muscular idiots with no sociality", but I don't want to think that you are so stupid.

I want to believe.
Power of sports is to have the courage to look straight at the reality that someone's glory is based on the heavy sacrifice of another one's infection or death.

Children are also watching the Olympics.

Do you find the courage to minimize sacrifice?
Or do you forget many sacrifices for your own glory?

Which do you want to show to the children who are aiming to become Olympic athletes?
It is up to you.

I'd like to believe.
You must have compassion for the weak if you are really strong.







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