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The 2nd All-Japan Oppai Summit for foreign journalists

On September 6, a huge earthquake hit Hokkaido.
At that time, it was reported that there was no milk at Chitose Airport and the mothers were in trouble.

In response to this report, many comments on the subject such as "It is bad to take such the babies and kids" were gathered on the net.

"Mamas and Papas, if you give birth to a child, do not go out for two years"
We Japanese must somehow change this trend.

"All Japan Oppai Summit" is a talk event aiming for a "diversity" society while thinking "
Breast-feeding in public places".

The first in 2017 was approved as "International Women's Conference WAW! 2017 Shine Weeks Official Side Event" by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

This year, experts talk about "traveling with babies"!
Which countries and places where women and babies want to choose for travel?
What is the travel product or service that they want to choose?
Japanese wives dominate households.
Let’s think about the way of mothers and baby's "going out" and "traveling" together!

The 2 nd All-Japan Oppai Summit
October 27 (Saturday) AM 10: 30 ~ 12: 00 (Opened at 10:00)
Tokyo Women's Plaza (5-53-67 Jingumae Shibuya-ku)
Admission Fee 1500 yen on the day 2000 yen (0 ~ 18 years free)

* Advance tickets are tickets Pia. P code: 640-538 (Sales until Friday)

If you buy·the ticket and visit, you'll get a special "Breastfeeding twelve figures" towel! with  West Japan disaster support fund.

*No interpreter in the symposium of the day.

* Please call the ticket image attached to this email on the smartphone screen, and show it and your business name card at the reception desk.
 Then you can enter for free as an invited guest.
 If you want the ticket image,send me email me with self-introduce until the night 26th Oct ,please.(press only)
 And I'll send you the ticket  image.

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