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Help to stop the Tokyo Olympics!  If you want to protect your favorite athlete from covid-19 infection. #TokyoOlympics

The Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics are spreading the infection of the new corona (covid-19).

The Japanese government continues to fail to prevent infection.

In Japan, the death toll from infection exceeded 15,000 as of July 15.

By the 24th of July, 123 people have been infected, even among those involved in the Olympics, including athletes.

This is the result of Yuriko Koike, the governor of Tokyo, saying, "We have made every effort to hold a safe and secure tournament."

Tokyo is now under a state of emergency.

However, the state of emergency can no longer be expected to be effective in preventing infection.

Some Olympic athletes are minors.

At the Paralympics after the Olympics, athletes with physical disabilities will be forced to compete in an environment with the highest risk of infection.

Even if the top athlete who is the hero of your country becomes infected and dies, the Tokyo Olympic Committee and IOC will not take responsibility.

I would like the host Tokyo to immediately declare the cancellation of the Olympics and Paralympics.

To cancel the Olympics, it is effective for you living in a foreign country to convey your request for cancellation.

This is because the Governor of Tokyo and the Prime Minister do not listen to the voices of voters.

Therefore, we recommend the following simple actions.

First of all, please watch this video.
Next, please spread this video on SNS.

Finally, tell your favorite athlete on twitter or facebook to stop participating in the Olympics.

Life is far more important than glory at the Olympics.
Glory is the courage to boycott the dangerous Olympics.







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